Role of dietitians

Mission: To ensure that Dietitians in Nigeria meet uniform minimum education and practice standards set by ICDA through accreditation of programmes and continious monitoring. Create awareness and promote evidence-based medical nutrition therapy. Dietitians Associations of Nigeria supports members and the general public to achieve:
  • An integrated communication system
  • An enhanced image of the Dietetics profession
  • An increased awareness of standards of education; training and practice in dietetics.
Most people think that dietitians work primarily in a hospital or a Food Service setting. With increased consumer interest in healthy eating and advent of information technology, the role of the registered dietitian has evolved beyond this. Dietitians are essential members of the health care team and have a wide range of job opportunities.
Corrections food and nutrition service, Food industry (manufacturers/producers), Catering/hospitality industry,Pharmaceutical industry, Universities and/or colleges, Media Consultant/ private practice, Other government department/ agency,Hospital/ rehabilitation centre, Medical clinic with family physicians, Community health centre, Home Care services Nursing home/long term care facility, Health education/public health agency