Sticking with It! Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle Changes

You might leave your registered dietitian nutritionist’s office feeling energized to lose weight, eat more healthfully or exercise more. But enthusiasm for healthy changes can wear off quickly, sometimes as soon as you drive away and pass your favorite fast food restaurant. In fact, it takes willpower and motivation to make and maintain changes in your life.

But, press on, arm yourself with a few good strategies, and you’ll be on your way to maintaining healthy habits for life.

Make the Most of Your Time

Thinking through your options and making a solid realistic plan can go a long way in making the best use of your time. Enlist a registered dietitian nutritionist as your ally in the quest for healthier living.

Ask for Accountability

Tell a few trusted friends or family members about your plans — they may even want to join you! “It really helps to have someone to keep you on track,” But your accountability partner doesn’t necessarily have to be another human! “Personally, my dog is a daily reminder that I need to get outside and stay active,” she says.

Tap into Technology

In the age of health-savvy gadgets and apps, look around and find the right fit for you. Some devices track steps, sleep habits, heart rate and more. There are apps that log physical activity and food intake, while giving you some basic guidance on making healthy choices. Making a habit of tracking your goals with technology can be as simple as remembering to do a quick check-in after reading your emails. Look for websites that map out trails near you for walking, biking, hiking and running.

Court Some Competition

With workplace wellness initiatives on the rise, many companies now offer health-oriented challenges. These can be a fun way to get to know your co-workers better while keeping the office healthy. Has a friend or family member expressed a desire to be healthier too? Propose a friendly competition with a prize at the end!

Remember to follow up and fine-tune your goals with a registered dietitian nutritionist for that extra support and motivation. RDNs often have fresh ideas for small tweaks in your routine that could have a big impact. “Throughout their journey towards a healthier lifestyle, the dietitian serves as a vital member of a client’s support system,” says Barrows. Be honest and open about your barriers, and watch your health and fitness improve as you overcome each one.

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